1. dracoandlouis:

    It’s gonna be totally awesome!

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  2. mrs—lovett:


    when u get overly attached to a character that’s treated badly by the writers



  3. mrs—lovett:

    I just looked up the “or nah” meme on google and this came up

    i’m scared


  6. jlbeattys:

    50 shades of shut the fuck up about this book i’ve read better smut written by virgin teenagers for free

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  8. helenalestrangedepp:

    I love how we have a gif for everything Helena has ever done on screen

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  9. mugglenet:

    Helena Bonham Carter visits students bound for Africa

    Helena Bonham Carter made an appearance to wish a group of students and teachers a safe trip Africa. Find out about her charitable work here.


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  10. Helena Bonham Carter attends the Arqiva British Academy Television Awards at Theatre Royal on May 18, 2014 in London, England.

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